Our team is diverse, dynamic, passionate about our work and ready to collaborate with the race directors, committee members, volunteers and partners who play key roles in our ongoing success. Below are the staff that are part of the Big River Race Management Team:
Name Position Phone
Matt Helbig CEO/Owner 636-527-9700 (Office)
Tom Eckelman Partner 636-527-9700 (Office)
Jordan Bernath Sr. Project Manager 636-527-9700 (Office)
Tony Castelli Project Manager 636-527-9700 (Office)
Maria Bush Project Manager 636-527-9700 (Office)
Kyle Ward Project Manager 636-527-9700 (Office)
Amanda Gatchel Office Manager 636-527-9700 (Office)


Big River Race Mgmt

Price increase in two days for the 10th Annual Macklind Mile! Limited edition cooling towels to the first 1000 milers still available!

by Big River Race Mgmt