ChronoTrack Live

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ChronoTrack Live is a next generation race platform providing registration and race management solutions on a live scoring platform delivering real-time online, mobile and social race experiences. 
Operating on a single platform eliminating data transfers and errors, ChronoTrack Live provides registration, paperless on-site registration, electronic check in, and scoring through to results. ChronoTrack Live services include real-time online and mobile results, Facebook & Twitter athlete updates, video finishes, digital photography and more. Big River Race Management began using ChronoTrack Live since its inception and has pioneered the use of the race platform.

ChronoTrack Live Services
Online Registration
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On-Site Registration
Dynamic Race Check-In
Online Real-Time Race Results
On-Site Real-Time Race Results
Mobile Results
Mobile & Social Media Athlete Updates
Athlete Digital Photography
Athlete Video


Big River Race Mgmt

Price increase in two days for the 10th Annual Macklind Mile! Limited edition cooling towels to the first 1000 milers still available!

by Big River Race Mgmt